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Grittenham Bar Company

The perfect bar for the perfect occasion

You can also hire our hand made canvas oval marquee with attachable sides (30ft x 18ft) creating additional space for your event or providing shade and shelter.

For more information on our terms and conditions, bar prices and bookings  contact us

We offer an on-site, fully licensed  bar exclusively servicing events in West Sussex and Grittenham Barn weddings.

As we are on-site, we have the perfect bar arrangement suited to the barn. We have over 20 yrs of experience in the service and hospitality industry both at home and abroad.  We will provide you and your guests with all that is needed to enjoy the celebrations. Our professional cocktail bartenders and fully trained staff will help your event run smoothly.

Grittenham Bar Company is everything you would expect from a bar …

 at less than bar prices… with a full-range of drinks and cocktails.

We offer you… (terms & conditions may apply)

Option 1 - Pay Bar

Where your guests pay for their own drinks.

Option 2 - Prepaid Bar

You put a certain amount behind the bar. When this runs out normal Pay Bar service will resume.       

Option 3 - All Inclusive.

A running tab will be kept and a final bill will be given to you at the end of the night.