Frequently asked questions

Q: Are we free to hire?

A: Yes.That said, we do require an agreement of our minimum spend of £1000. In the unlikely event the minimum spend is not reached the differential below the £1000 would then need to be made up by yourselves.

For example, if your evening bar spend reaches £800 in total…you will have to pay the difference of £200 to make up our minimum spend requirement.

Another way of looking at it is that if you have 100 guests they would only need to spend £10 per person for the minimum spend to be covered.

Q: What does GBC provide in its service?

A: We offer two styles of bar, all our own staff, glassware and everything else required to run a smooth bar operation.

Q: Are you able to put money behind the bar? If so, how does it work?

A: You can indeed. In fact you have 3 options to choose from. You can:

a) Put a certain amount behind the bar so guests have free drinks until it is used up, and then we can go onto pay bar.

b) You can go straight onto pay bar as soon as the bar is open so that guests pay for their own drinks throughout.

c) You can pay the full bar tab at the end of the night.

Please note that we use an electronic till which records the amounts, so say for example, you were to put £500 behind the bar, we can check the till at any point to see how much has been spent. When the £500 has been spent, we can convert to pay bar, and will alert your guests to this.

Q: Do you take card payments?

A: We do take card payments. Unfortunately due to the remote location we can’t rely on the WiFi network to take consistent payments so please ask your guests to bring cash in addition in case the network drops. This can happen at times throughout the night.

Q: When and where do you set up the bar?

A: We set the bar up in the lower part of the barn, where the ceremony takes place, between the 2 restrooms against the waterfall light backdrop. When you go in for your “Wedding Breakfast”, we quietly bring the bar through the lower back door and will be ready to open for when your meal and speeches have finished. It usually takes us 1.5 to 2 hours to fully set up.

Q: If we are providing drinks for the daytime, what happens when the bar is open? Are we allowed to continue to serve our drinks to our guests?

A: When we have arranged the time for the evening bar to be open, all drinks (apart from unfinished glasses) must be cleared from the tables. If you have wine left, either in opened or unopened bottles, the caterers will be instructed to put them away for you to take away the following day.

Q: Do we have to pay a deposit and if so how much?

A: Yes. We require a £250 deposit to guarantee our evening bar service. This is refunded to you 3 weeks after your event minus any charges relating to glassware breakages and / or recycling cost.

Q: What charges can come from the deposit?

A: We hire glassware on your behalf, therefore any glass breaks or losses will be charged to you, at cost, £1.80/per glass. Also, if you require us to take away any of the evening bar waste (glass, plastic, cardboard) then we can offer this service to you for a charge of £45. If you have the ability to take it away with you the following day then no charge will be taken. Please note that all rubbish has to be cleared away and taken away from the barn as there is no facility to recycle or use the barn’s bins on site.

Q: Can you organise reception drinks and wines/waters for the tables or prosecco for toasts?

A: We used to provide this service but it is much better for you if your caterers take care of this as they have a large daytime team…and for us to do the pay bar in the evening.

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